Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Come-Sit: Shake Rattle and Roll.

Big spenders were invited to view and bid at a Come-Sit ‘Shake rattle and roll’ fundraiser today at Wollongong University.

Visual arts and design students at Wollongong University auctioned off their artworks today with live music. The event took place to save funds for students end of year visual arts and design graduation party.

“The students have to start from scratch, saving funds by hosting various events from cake stalls, Sausage sizzles to events like ‘shake rattle and roll’ selling their own individual works” said Tanya Barton-Saad

The cost of the end of year graduation for visual arts and design students is estimated at twenty six thousand and the faculty of creative arts does not fund student’s graduation to any extent.

Visual arts students are aiming to make five hundred dollars from today’s auction alone.

“We do our art first hand, we have certain themes, student art is far better I think then commercial art, one it’s cheaper and two, were not tainted yet by the art world!” said Jayne Fisher - third year art student.

“It’s a different kind of fundraiser, not just a barbeque on the duck pond lawn, and you could go home with something at the end of the day for five to ten dollars!” said Brenna Quinlan, third year art student and ‘shake, rattle and roll’ organizer.

The theme of the artworks ‘rock and roll’ had art students drawing direct influences from Buddy Holly to Elvis Presley; other collections featured more subtle references like hidden musical notes and 1950’s dancers.

With a large audience of art viewers, all art pieces were sold with winning bids ranging from five to fifty dollars.

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