Sunday, November 18, 2012

The sheer thought of it! Kristen Stewart in Zuhair Murad...

Too hot to handle - too cold to hold. Kristen Stewart may be an adulterer, but she sure knows how to rock a frock.

Okay, enough with the rhymes. Now down to serious, very fashionable, business.

KStew attended the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part Two premier in LA in this ultra daring, see-through lace dress by Zuhair Murad

This isn’t the first time she stepped out in one of the designers creations. Remember that sheer form fitting dress; embellished with multi-coloured sequins that Kristen wore at the recent Toronto Film Festival for her other film On The Road? Twas also Zuhair Murad. It seems that the actress wears the designer well. A very fashionable pairing!

Back to this dreamy and creamy lace gown! I was actually quiet taken aback when I saw the photos emerge of Kristen in this nude tone. If someone had of asked me before seeing the image if I thought nude would work well against Kristen’s fair complexion, I would have scoffed. However, with her new glossy chocolate brown hair, a pop of colour on her lips and a cinched waist, it seems this demure tone works wonders. In fact, it actually accentuates her positive attributes listed above. The wash of cream gives Kristen a luxe almost ethereal edge.

A few fashion critics have diss’ed this latest look – but I love it. Maybe the see-through textile is too much for some. I see it as the whole point.
What do you guys think?

One fashionable rule Kristen has taught us today is to embrace a powerful contrast, even if that means starting with a matte base (creamy skin and fabric) and juxtaposing it against a loud lip with dark glossy hair. Can’t get much more luxe!

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