Sunday, November 18, 2012

Delicate Jewellery By Charlotte...

Before arm parties even became popular (thanks to global fashionistas stacking bracelets on their waif wrists and taking fash-snaps for their uber-popular instafeeds), this trend had already boomed. 

No, not in London or Milan, but in tropical Asian locals, places we have quickly likened to holiday vacays, sometimes forgetting the cultural influence they have had. 

In Thailand, a wrist layered with multi-coloured cotton bracelets in a symbol of how many Buddhist monastery’s you have visited. You literally can count your blessings on both hands.

Asian culture has influenced fashion (more on that soon), beauty (think geisha inspired lips and the winged cat eye), food (Sashimi or Pad Thai anyone?) and lifestyle, (take a bow meditation, acupuncture and paper crafts).

Having ticked most Asian tourist destination off my go-to list including Japan, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, I have come to respect the people from these culturally rich places. Anyone who has smelt the streets of Bangkok, has witnessed the hospitality in Laos, or played witness to the extreme attention to detail in Japan, would have taken some kind of inspiration back home with them...wherever that may be.

It seems that like me, Charlotte Blakeney, the designer/renowned makeup artist behind gorgeous label By Charlotte, has fell in love with our oriental neighbours too. 

She has travelled to the Maldives, Vietnam, Fiji, Bali, Thailand and the Mediterranean coastline for work, all of which have inspired her delicate jewellery line. 

The Lotus flower and Budha motifs seen throughout Charlotte’s range are a symbol of purity and new beginnings, it is central to the cultures Charlotte admires most and represents the philosophy of By Charlotte.

My favourite piece? The 33 inch long, gold necklace with both the lotus and Buddha icons. Perfect to wear all summer long, paired with anything from a whimsy maxi to distressed denim cut-offs and a simple white tee. 

Check out more of By Charlotte here 

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