Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beauty boating essentials

I had the pleasure of enjoying a day out on Sydney’s Harbor for a friend’s birthday yesterday. The boat was amazing; it had a large white sun deck and a huge balcony with comfy places to sit. Sydney was really showing off too, giving the birthday girl perfect weather so we could take in all the serene coves tucked away near some of Sydney’s most talked about real estate.

Knowing that I would probably be in the sun all day I prepared a tote full of sunscreens and hydrating goodies. However, once the Veuve Clicquot started flowing, I quickly forgot to re-apply, who hasn’t this happened to?

Silly silly...

By the time I came home my legs literally looked like rock lobsters, and although the song by the B52’s is fun, the pain, believe me, is not.

Here is my list of good intentions that I packed beforehand that did help until I forgot to re-apply. I’ve also included my list of after-sun skin rescuers that I have been smearing onto my limbs all of today in the hope that this new hue I’m wearing (red) soon turns to brown before my working week begins.


 Not in order:

Invisible Zinc Face and Body Sunscreen SPF 30+ UVA –UVB – The non-greasy consistency means that as well as being sun safe, you are also creating a perfect base before you apply makeup. Double win!

Reef Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion 30 + (four hours water resistant) – Great for all the larger regions of the body like your legs and arms. Although Reef’s best quality is its signature coconut smell. Delish!

Sun Kissed Sunlight Bronze Instant Bronzer – This was helpful as I didn’t have time to tan the night before. This prodct offers a subtle glow with a slight shimmer.

Fabulous Glitter and Glow Shimmer Cream – For a gorgeous sheen that lasted all day!

Joico Protect and Shine Serum – Important to stop any damage to your hair from UVA and UVB light.

M.A.C Crème Sheen Glass in Japanese Spring – This was worn as more of a pure luxury! So creamy it lasts for a couple of hours before you have to reapply.


 Not in order:

Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh SPF 15 – Time to re-hydrate your skin. This formula is non sticky and also offers SPF 15 in case you have to run outdoors and don’t want to dry out your skin an further.

Miracle 24 Hour Hand Lift by Bioxidea Cosmetics – Your hands no doubt suffered from expose to the sun whilst out there cruising the seas! Time to lavish your hands with powerful aloe vera and amino acids! This product firms the hands and removes any fine lines.

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment – This product offers eleven benefits to your hair. One of the listed benefits is that it awakens dry, damaged hair. Exactly what your strands will need.

Bio Oil – This facial oil features the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil. It quickly helps dehydrated skin, ideal for sunburn. I have rubbed this product all over my sun-affected areas and it's already helping.

What do you guys apply before heading out into the sun?

Have you got any sun-burn relief strategies?

SS x

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