Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recreate Marion Cotillard’s UK Harper’s Bazaar cover look

Marion Cotillard has mastered three things (probably more, but of three I’m certain!) and they are:

1.      She knows how to act.  My favourite performance of hers was in last year’s Midnight in Paris.

2.      Being sexy. She was voted "Sexiest Woman in the World" in the Hungarian magazine Periodika after all!

3.      Knowing how to rock a statement eye.

The latter I am going to go into more depth with as the first point you really need to discover for yourself, and the second point is a given. The third however deserves a little bit of a beauty debriefing.

Marion can work a whole list of beauty looks, what with her perfect angles, large blue eyes and French chicness.

On the recent UK Harper’s Bazaar she posed on the front cover sporting polished, slicked back hair, sheer skin, a pearlescent pout and large bronze statement eyes. Note how I have said statement eyes, not smoky eyes. What’s the difference you ask?

A smoky eye always fades out from an opaque colour on the lid to a more blended out pigmentation in an array of shades, normally from the same colour spectrum, up to the brow bone.

A statement eye is a matte tone that is blocked-out onto the eyelid, much like we see here, that does not lose its strength in colour. This is a very loud look, but Marion pulls it off.

Here are the products you will need to create this look at home:
  Estée Lauder Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Island Oasis EyeShadow Palette
 This palette features six wearable shades to brighten and define the eyes and transform them from day to night. The shades included are inspired by summer. You would only have to use the burnt bronze hues to create this standout look.

 MAC Fix+

This product is a blend of vitamin and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber. The spritz has a natural scent of sugi and helps set makeup.

Tinted Moisturiser in Vanilla Latte
Eminence Organic Tinted Moisturiser in Vanilla Latte features a light to medium tint. Skin is effectively protected against the damaging effects of the sun, while vitamin content provides nutrition to the skin, complexion is clear, smooth and bright and the skin tone is evened out. 

 Lip Plump
Benefit Lip Plump is a neutral-toned lip enhancer that helps to smooth and fill in fine lines while building up the contour of the lips, making them appear fuller and younger. Contains jojoba oil, which is known to smooth and soften skin.

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish
The hue is a dark tone with a slight shimmer. Apply two coats and set with a clear top coat for the completed look.

Will any of you be trying out this look soon?

Do you think it suits Marion?

What’s your favourite Marion film?

SS x

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