Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christina Ricci’s ox-blood lips are a reminder of her haunt-horror past...

Born in Santa Monica in 1980, but officially thrust into child super-stardom in the 1990’s after her breakout role as tiny Kate Flax in Mermaids, Christina Ricci set the tone for her successful career.

However, her initial cutesy role that got her noticed was in fact the last of its kind. Christina's raven hair, angular features and large other-worldly eyes meant that for the next ten years she was type cast as a more left-of-center, goth glam salute to all things dark and mysterious in the 90’s. 

Let me rattle off a list of roles she stared in next, and you tell me if you don’t recall any of their block buster success, which I believe can largely be put down to Christians believable acting. Does The Adams Family, The Cemetery Club, Casper or Little Red Riding Hood ring any bells?

I know that for me, one of the main reasons I’ll be heading out to watch the Broadway musical, The Adams Family (showing in Sydney soon), is due to fond memories of watching Wednesday Adams played by Christina as a child. She made living with a wack family, or even talking to ghosts’ common place - that to me was cool. 

Here is a time line of how her look has changed over the years. If anyone can pull off an ox-blood lip it’s this goth-chic beauty.

 What is your favourite Christina Ricci cinema moment?

Which look is your fave?

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