Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Morphē - a Lucy McRae and Aesop collaboration

If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi, beauty or the occasional art-house cinema experience, then I have just the short film for you.

Entitled Morphē, this three and a half minute piece was directed by Australian born artist, Lucy McRae for cosmetics brand Aesop. The viewer is taken on a journey through a science lab, where we are shown a young woman, who through visionary techniques, can be closely likened to what Eve might have looked like at the beginning of time. She is seen lying in a foetal position, hair splayed, under an air-filled plastic bag.

She is then awoken to experience a round of beauty therapy treatments, while still in this futuristic setting. The scenery could be closing compared to the 1997 French Sci-Fi adventure film, The Fifth Element. Milla Jovovich plays the character of Leeloo, the chosen one, her being is created by scientists, and once it is formed she is also sealed in an air-filled tank, laying strapped to a hospital bed of sorts – this scene is almost mirrored in Morphē.

McRae’s film gives off a similar theme – the chance of renewal. A fresh start is given, that could only be derived from a total re-birth. Imagery of a complete baptism is seen in this film, notably when the woman is submerged in a pool of Aesop formula.

I know this short film definitely left me wanting to give myself this ultramodern body regeneration, even if I’m not in a lab, nor the object of an observing scientist.  I will just have to make the most of my bathroom, a collection of Aesop products, and of course depend heavily on my amazing imagination to recreate this breath taking experience.

Thank you Lucy McRae for this talented and inspiring piece of work, and of course Aesop for dreaming up this collaboration and sharing this forward thinking film with us all.

SS x

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