Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beauty crush: Julianne Hough

Who exactly is this glamazon with the high cheek bones, Scandinavian looks and trim and toned bod? She has a face that makes you puzzle exactly where you have seen her before, and no wonder, the starlet has played a variety of roles, all completely different to one another.

The beauty chameleon under my spotlight, Julianne Hough, is an American born ballroom dancer, singer and actress. This girl is the ultimate slashie, excelling in everything within the performing arts realm. She has played a sexually confident dancer in Christina Aguilera’s hit musical Burlesque, a school girl in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, a waitress in Rock of Ages as well as winning dancing with the stars US twice! That’s not an easy feat, and explains exactly how Julianne has achieved her enviable curves.

However, it’s not just her fantastic body that is catching everyone’s attention. It’s her ability to change up her makeup constantly for different roles and red carpet events. She pull’s of a creamy porcelain complexion just as well as a tanned sun kissed look. She can work cherry lips, a scarlet red lip as well as creamy nude. She is also able to play up her eyes with voluminous lashes and liner as well as leaving her lash line bare, and still looking equally as stunning.

In this post I share three of my favourite Julianne Hough looks, and the three star beauty products that are essential to re create these individual beauty styles.

Julianne Hough - porcelain doll: 

Ardell Natural Style Lashes: Demi Wispies - Ardell lashes are sold through a lot of online distributors, and lucky for us Australians, in a lot of chemists! Ardell wispies are very natural looking so they will help you to achieve fuller lashes minus the crazy drag queen look. Apply these as close to your natural eyelash line as possible and add a thin line of liquid eyeliner in black and your eyes are complete.

Nars lipgloss in Greek Holiday - This lipgloss is thick and creamy. The matte texture with a hint of sheen means your whole lip will be colour blocked and will stay that way for much longer. Hough chose this colour as it blends beautifully with her fair complexion and allows her eyes to do all the talking.

Smashbox step-by-stepcontour kit - At first glance Hough’s face is simply one shade of creamy perfection. Have a closer look and you will discover clever contouring which allows for depth and for her cheekbones to standout. This easy to use palette by Smashbox means you can start with the darker colour, shading in just under your natural apple of the cheek, and slowly shade up as your progress through the colours. The result? Natural, seamless and flattering.

 Julianne Hough - bronzed beauty:

Yves Saint Laurent RougePur Couture – #13 in Le Orange: This lippy offers maximum zest with a matte finish, the exact pout Hough is sporting in this sizzling snap. For best results prime lips then completely draw in both upper and bottom lips and rub together. Take a tissue or blotting paper and pat off any leftover residue. Repeat this process with a fresh application three times, and your lips will not lose colour throughout the duration of your desired wear. Your lips will have completely taken on the pigmentation. 

YSL touch éclat radianttouch, luminous radiance in light beige - This miracle product has a large fan base. This clever little pen brightens skin, adds a luminous finish and helps correct uneven skin tone. Hough’s look here is extremely dewy and sun kissed, draw lines of the touch éclat on the cupids bow, above the eye brow, above the cheek bone, on the inner corner of the eye and down the ridge of your nose. Carefully blend with your index finger and your ready to dazzle.

Urban Decay 24/7 glide-oneye pencil in Elderado – Hough, apart from wearing a few lashings of thickening mascara on her upper lashes, is also wearing a smidgen of gold eyeliner on her bottom lash line. This has been drawn on and carefully smudged to look seamless and natural. She has avoided mascara on the bottom lash line; this means her look continues to stay youthful and fresh. This is a perfect summer look that everyone should try at least once. 

       Julianne Hough - sizzling senorita:

  Lancome Advanced Replenishing and Reshaping Lipcolor Pro-Xylane (spf 12) in L’Absolu Rouge – This scarlet tone is rich and vibrant, it allows the beauty chameleon, that is Julianne Hough, to totally transform from either a whimsical beauty or sun kissed mermaid to a Sicilian splendour. 

Model Co’s Fibre LashBrush on False Lashes - This product is truly a god sent to any of us who are after thicker, longer and generally more standout lashes (I think that is basically every women!). This ingenious product utilises a two-step system of first coating your natural lashes in a  easy to apply black mascara (this acts as a glue to adhere the fibre lashes) then the second wand emerges with tiny white flecks which are then coated onto the wet lash line. Once you have coated all lashes all you have to do is coat once again with the original black mascara and this will help to lengthen and create more dense lashes. The finished result is actually amazing; the length is almost tripled and looks much like the effect of false lashes, except you won’t have any annoying instances where your falsies are peeling up half way through the night.

Dior glow luminous graphic eye palette 3 in 1 - lastly this palette will help you achieve defined eyes and highlighted arches (just under your eye brow) and luminous inner corner just like Hough. By adding this product into your beauty mix, instantly the face will appear fresher, awake and it will help offset the deep colour of a rich red lip. The dark shadow within this palette is also helpful to lightly line the bottom or top lash line without the tell tale look of a standard eyeliner. Subtle and sexy!   

The warmer weather gives us the perfect opportunity to try out all three of these standout looks. I hope you enjoy! 

SS x

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