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Hot Weather Holy Grail Beauty Products

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It’s interesting how our everyday beauty essentials are dictated based on where we call home. What one beauty-obsessed girl holds up as a ‘holy grail product’ can be totally different, and completely unnecessary, to her pal who lives interstate. 

Case in point, my gorgeous cousin Tara (who used to live in Sydney) moved to Townsville in pursuit of love (well actually, she met her fiancé on a road trip and decided to stay) just last year.

I’m currently staying with her this week, and when I was casually scanning over her tallboy lined with a caboodle of beauty products, there were plenty I wasn’t used to seeing her use. I had to ask why. She’s normally so loyal to cosmetics, ones she’s been using since we were butterfly-clip wearing teens!

She explained that her beauty needs have changed due to what she can actually wear up here. The heat (an average 34 degrees) makes makeup slide off, and hair... well it resembles an African queen - frizz galore! 

Here are the products she swears by for when the heat gets hot (and also a few that us girls is the cooler climates can enjoy as well)!

KMS Hair Stay Anti Humidity Seal, $31.95

“If I straighten my hair, in this humidity, it will only last a few hours until it starts to frizz. But, if I spray this all over from the roots down, my straight hair will last all day. It smells like normal hair spray, but it makes your hair feel soft and fluffy, even though it doesn't look that way at all - it stays sleek.”

Bio Oil, $14.95 - $34.95

“It’s multi use. I use it after the sun, after the shower, and for any scars. For anything really! I personally liked it during my pregnancy. I didn't get one stretch mark, I rubbed it onto my stomach every morning and night. At the moment I’m also using it on my C-section. It stops it from itching and soothes it straight away.”

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup, $18.95

“I love the sponge on the top of this foundation, it’s like an in-built applicator. It makes it super easy to apply. It feels like a moisturiser when you put it on because it’s super light, it doesn't feel like I’m clogging my pores - I hate that feeling.”

Essence Matt Fixing Compact Powder, $5.95

“Basically when you go outside here (Townsville), the humidity hits your face instantly, and you start to sweat. This powder almost protects your face, and stops the makeup sweating off. It’s like an invisible shield. The powder also sets clear so there’s no trace of white. I also don’t get panda eyes (running mascara) with this powder, nothing budges.”

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara, $4.95

“It’s like applying fake eyelashes, except they are your own. No gluggy-ness, it just thickens each strand separately. The brush has also stayed perfectly splayed over time and hasn’t become clogged up. I’ve been using this one for six months and it’s still going strong, it’s the only one I use now. I used to use an eyelash defining mascara that was much more expensive, but I’d end up with lashes that were stuck together and inky, it would splatter black mascara everywhere.”

There you have it, five key beauty products perfect (and sworn by) for the tropics! 

What are your holy grail beauty products. Which in particular, are great for where you live?

SS x

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