Friday, January 10, 2014

Get The Look: Nina Dobrev’s Knotty Updo

Everyone loves easy and effortless. It’s particularly an attractive look in the summer months, because really, who wouldn't rather be poolside then slaving hour after hour on polka-straight hair?

If you want a low-key look that is fab in any social environment, embrace the knotty updo. I think it's been worn best, recently, by beautiful actress Nina Dobrev at The People's Choice Awards.

Here’s how to achieve the look in ten minutes or under:

  1. With dry, naturally textured hair (this means no previous blow drying or straightening) spritz all over with a sea salt spray. This will give you natural grit, and later volume.
  2. Divide your hair in half. Take all the hair at the crown of your head and tie into a loose messy bun to work with later. With the bottom half of your hair, divide off the two panels nearest to your ears and pin away for the time being. You will now be left with a strip of hair from the top of your crown to the nape of your neck.  
  3. Take sections of hair approximately 4cm by 4cm and twirl into tight scrolls, then tightly wrap into small tight buns and secure with an invisible hair elastic. Do this until you have no hair left in this panel from crown the nape.
  4. Release one panel that aligns with your ear. Again, take 4cm worth of hair and scroll tightly. This time don’t form a bun, instead drag your tight roll of hair over to one of the centred buns and attach discreetly with a bobby pin of your hair colour. Do this for the remainder of this section, and then repeat on the panel of hair next to your other ear.
  5. You will now only have hair left on the crown of your head and hairline. 
  6. Carefully divide the hair along your hairline into 4cm chunks. You will want a little bit of volume and height here, so take a small toothed comb and back comb at the base of the roots. Gently twist your 4cm sections of hair back and pin to the top mini bun at the crown of your head. 
  7. For extra volume, like Nina, carefully pull at your twirls at the crown of your head to make them appear more effortless and loose.
  8. Voila. Look at you, you sexy demon!
SS xo

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