Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fashion crystal ball... a few predictions

Hello pretties!

So I was trawling through some of the latest Australian designer collections that are soon to hit stores (in some cases they already have), and international design talents. I noticed a few key trends and my fashion radar instantly went off. Here are the standout pieces that have caught my attention and a few predictions that I am going to put pen to paper, or to be more correct fingers to keyboard, about so that I have proof when they actually do come true!

Here they are, I know you're waiting with baited breath.

The standout pieces/collections:

       Karla Spetic Crystal Visions Swim 2012/13 range is just jaw dropping. We have seen a lot of jewellery with crystal motifs of late (well for the last few years, so you can’t really call the style innovative anymore), but never so bright and fun, and never on swimwear full pieces and separates. This collection will make just as big of an impact as the We Are Handsome animal motif swimsuits. Mark.My.Words.

      The Bec and Bridge Paradiso Bianco High Summer 2012/13 collection will be hugely popular. This won’t be a new feat for the brand, as they are one of the fash-pack leaders here in Aus. Within this collection they have cleverly placed a lot of geometric prints in fun neon colours making this not only perfect for summer, but almost too easy to try out the print-on-print trend that has street style bloggers snap happy. Watch this collection sell out across national boutiques.

      To the International power players. Army print is already growing in popularity, it’s a nice mix of man-style dressing with a bit of a sports luxe edge. Topshop has some really easy to wear jumpers and jackets in comfy shapes. Topshop is obviously very popular as they bring hot new trends to the forefront, in quality materials with excellent craftsmanship, but at affordable prices. This trend will sweep through high-end, high street and basically all fashion chains in a blink of an eye. 

      Lastly this Kelly Wearstler pyrite sphere necklace. Kelly Wearstler is both an interior designer and fashion designer. I think her forte is most definitely jewellery. As everyone knows I had a moment with skull necklaces, and then by chance of bad luck happened to become an international trend and every hipster worth their salt started to rock scull necklaces around their necks. Whaddcanyado? Moving on, the next thing to go big is jewellery that also has a tough, dangerous edge – that isn’t a skull. People get bored and want to move onto the next thing after all. My guess is that it’s going to be something that looks a look like this masterpiece by Kelly Wearstle. I was about to say I really hope so, but truth be told, I don’t. I want this to be mine, and mine only.

Let’s see if my fash-speculations serve me correct! Until then hope you all have a fab time!

SS x

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