Saturday, December 15, 2012

An ode to Emma and the talented, fashionable year that was...

If anyone looks comfortable in their own skin, it’s Emma Watson. 

For a long time she has mystified women the world over with the way she has collected a hoard of male admirers, yet still dresses with her own distinct style. 

She doesn’t fake tan, wear hair extensions, opt for plunging necklines or even show off a little butt cheek action to the rear. Yet our male counterparts still list her as one of the sexiest women alive. 

I’ve had this conversation so many times with male friends, and when I ask what’s so alluring they often answer that she’s just beautiful, smart and seems really comfortable with who she is. They are right; you can see this in the way she holds herself on the red carpet, and the smirk that often decorates her face. She never takes herself too seriously.

Last week a friend and I went to see her latest film The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Without giving too much away as I know a lot of you are yet to see the film, it's fantastic as it speaks of human hurts that often aren’t illuminated on the big screen. The cast, apart from Emma, are newbies, so you feel you really are watching authentic people, the soundtrack... oh my god! David Bowie is my hero and to hear his music perfectly synced with real life circumstances, it's goose bump worthy.

 Emma is absolutely incredible too. How often do we see a star that's been catapulted into international fame through a character as strong and complex as Hermione's in Harry Potter, to then break down our perceptions of what else she can do, and fully take on new exciting acting ventures so brilliantly. What a star!

And because I really can’t give too much more away on the movie, here are my picks of Emma’s best looks this year that truly illustrate exactly what I mean about her feminine, true-to-herself style. You go girl!

 In Christian Dior. If anyone can work an LBD with tailored black pants, it's this dame!

 This architectural frock by Brood wins my sartorial tick. I love how she went all matchy-matchy and paired this ensemble with white pumps.

 This gorgeous digital print dress by Erdem suited Emma's slim bod perfectly. I love the ox-blood lip as well.

 Peter Pilotto is a perfect choice for Emma. The quirky geometrical cutouts paired with a busy hem-line allow Emma to have fun within her couture-wardrobe.

 A brave choice that paid off! Giorgio Armani never looked so whimsical. Like a fairy queen overlooking a moonlit pond, Emma encapsulated what grace and beauty is all about.

Has anyone else seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower yet?

Are you a fan of Emma Wastson's style?

Take care, 

SS x

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