Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The 5 beauty products that get my (manicured) thumbs up!

Well well well! Look what we have here... five beauty products that actually had me raising my eyebrows. No, not in a suspicious way, well actually number five was a little on the cautious side (more on that soon), but in a pleasantly surprised way.  My lips were cooed, my eyebrows were up, my mind? Well, it was officially blown! Here are the five products that will have me re-purchasing time and time again.

1. Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub – The people at Lush are rather clever. Like many of their other nifty products this lip scrub exfoliates dry and cracked lips to produce smooth kissable smooches. It’s also vegan friendly and 100% edible, although it smells amazing, I wouldn’t suggest eating it. 1. There’s not enough of it! 2. it’s a mix of salt and sugar...not exactly delish.

2. Dolce and Gabbana Pour Femme – Wow. As simple as that. This delicate fragrance smells like a field of flowers marshmallows. It’s not too overpowering however, so from the moment you spritz till the end of your day the scent will move through a phase of sugary notes to finally a light musk. Gorgeous.    
3. CK One Nail Polish in I Think Not Guess what CK One? I think so! This nail varnish impressed me with its thick matte texture, summery watermelon colour, and with its revolutionary applicator brush. Instead of having a circular prod that dips into the paint pot, the actual wand was a thin rectangular stick meaning you don’t have to re-dip. You can paint a whole hand as more paint slowly dribbles down to the bottom of the brush as you move from one finger to the next. 

4. YSL Northern Lights collection La Lacque Couture Top Coat in Premiere Neige – You can now have the stars at your fingertips, literally, thanks to this luxe nail varnish. This top coat by YSL produces an almost hologram finish on whatever base colour you choose. If you’re not one for chunky glitter nails and are after something a little more subtle then this is for you.
5. Gatineau Vital Feeling Long Lasting Deodorant and Hair Growth Minimiser – Okay. You’re probably thinking what I was when I first read the tube, “A cream deodorant? A hair minimiser? What the heck is this?” Well after much humming and haring, I decided to not be lazy and read an English description on the brands website (the packaging only featured French directions).
It turns out that this is not your everyday deodorant. It’s a cream formula that is non-scented, however it evaporates bad smells like body odour. It lasts all day and the nozzle is rounded to fit into the contour of your armpit. The best bit though, it actually slows down hair growth permanently when you continue to wear it over time. The hair grows less thick and more slowly. It’s like laser hair removal, minus the lasers. Definitely buying this innovative French beauty product again...
Head out and give these products a go peeps. You won’t be disappointed!

SS x

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ooo! I've never seen the lush lip scrub before :O I NEED to try that!!
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