Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to wear the pants sartorially and socially:

Leandra, from the Manrepeller, knows how to wear flared pants with charisma to boot!

Knowing how to wear the pants is an art, both sartorially and socially! To achieve both a fashionable look in this season’s light-weight, flared varieties, which are big on 70’s sex-appeal, and to also master wearing the pants in any relationship (work, love, friendships), look below to see my five top buys with a tip on how to reign supreme in any domain...

1.       Be up front – Let your partner, boss, friend, and lover know what you want from the relationship from the very beginning. By doing so there is no miss communication and if the opposite party feels that what you want doesn’t correspond with what they are after, you can both save time and go down different paths.
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2.       Work out where you draw the line – It helps to draw up an imaginary line in your head on what is cool and what’s not when you first embark into any relationship. When grey zones appear and you’re not sure how you should view an awkward situation, your moral compass will guide you.

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 .       Be positive – Being someone who radiates warmth and kindness as well as having a positive disposition is always a powerful plus in any relationship. It’s especially influential for when toxic people may want to bring you down. Your optimistic side will always remind you, and that gloomy person, that petty comments hold no weight. They won’t even bother trying to pull you down.

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         Know what you love and hate – Having ideas already firmly cemented within your mind on what brings you happiness and what lacks appeal means that you can make quick decisions. The person who is able to decide where to go out to dinner or what movie to hire usually wears the pants because they have opinions that can turn into decisions fast.

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       Be healthy – being happy, confident and standing up for yourself largely comes from having an overall sense of well being. I believe health is holistic, so apart from achieving the above and being mentally fit, making sure you eat a healthy variety of foods as well as take on an exercise regime is important. Being able to look in the mirror, and like the way the pants sit on you will help you feel superior in yourself, this allows you to implement healthy decision in your life, and take a more commanding position in relationships. 
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