Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interview transcript with David Bottrell- aspiring shoe designer.

Why are you choosing to enter into a profession that’s so competitive?Um, the feeling, when you have achieved something and have gone over a hurdle, its total satisfaction. It’s an industry that’s competitive but you can do anything with it you like, it’s an art form as well, shoes don’t just have to be basic and black. With shoe design you can take risks, and you have to as a designer to get yourself out there and to have your name known. Eventually you might have a trademark style that you are known for and the fact that another designer is inspired by your work means that you have reached your goal and have overcome those challenging hurdles.

Which designers inspire you?
YSL! - They are simple, amazing, their shapes are simple and go back to basics but at the same time are modern enough for today’s society. They are staple shoes.

How do you describe your own style?
I find it awkward describing my own style, it make me feel vain ( laughs) but…… fun, basic, easy, but still is quirky and can be altered so any day can be different.

Young designer’s are more creative today, why do you think that is?
I think its because as a new designer you have to change and alter past creations to continually make a new product, each individuals personality brings something new t the table, so you end up with some really different designs.

Why do you think people are straying away from the ‘norm’ in the context of shoe choices?
Simple… it’s boring if you do that, you don’t feel satisfied, if something is everywhere, there is no “wow” factor, if you walk past a store and see an amazing pair of heels you immediately feel inspired, people want that feeling to creep into their every day life.

What steps are you undertaking to reach your dream of being a shoe designer?
At the moment its about knowing the right contacts, knowing the industry that I’m in and what the right and wrong things to do are. For the future it’s about making sure I study in other countries, do different courses and get a feel for international markets, and then mix both international and distinctly Australian style.

How would you describe Australian style?

I think it has a lot of potential and is getting better, for women it’s good and they have so many options, but for men their isn’t enough options available yet, they just have basics like black shoes etc, and tops. Its good for basics, but it just mirrors Australian society we are chilled out and that shines through into our clothes.

Words: Sarah Sayers
Destination: San churro
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