Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It’s those ‘bloody’ diamonds again?

Naomi Campbell is addicted to many things; cocaine, alcohol, physically abusing people with diamond encrusted Blackberrys and of course scandals. The latest, you ask? It’s her association with infamous warlord, Charles Taylor.

Campbell has been thrust into the media spotlight once more, as she is yet again involved in a legal battle. Campbell now understands the regimen and protocol of behaviour accepted in court rooms from countless past experiences, and is presently portraying a more meek representation of herself in an attempt to become less involved with the “blood diamonds” given to her as a ‘gift’ from Taylor.

"I didn't know anything about Charles Taylor," she said. "I had never heard of him before, never heard of Liberia before, never heard of the term 'blood diamonds' before, so I just assumed it was (a gift)."

This damsel in distress portrayal from Campbell, the world renowned feisty model, shows a complete attitude change and is attributed to either being professionally prepped on personal representation or as she has told listeners on the Oprah show, a better understanding of herself.

Campbell told Oprah that she believes her new outlook is due to an awareness of the underlying reasons behind why she has many rage fuelled outbursts. "…It comes from another type of emotional disorder because it's not just, if I don't get what I want I throw a fit … It comes from an abandonment issue and also from trying to just build up a family around me that's not my immediate family. If I feel mistrust, then ... all my cards go down," she said.

The model was dressed in a classical, beige two-piece with a conservative knee-length skirt, and wore her hair straightened, swept back in a smart bun accessorised ironically with a sparkling diamond choker necklace on the day she had to go to court. Her attitude may have changed but her dress sense noticeably hasn’t. This more subtle look however starkly differentiates her from the 90’s leather-clad attire she used to strut in and encapsulates that times are changing for the model.

Victims of the models violent outburst in the past have spoken up as well as Buzzmedia who have noticed this swift persona change but don’t feel sorry for Campbells misfortune at all. “This is the kind of bitch who hits you with her Bentley and then asks God why she’s been cursed with such terrible luck. You’d think the 178 people she beat up would be the victims, but no, not in supermodel world. In supermodel world you can punch through a crippled boy’s face and turns out it’s just because everybody is jealous of how pretty you are.”

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