Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Designer names: Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff.

Origin: Edward is English. Benjamin is from Sete in the South of France.

Design background: Edward studied womenswear and Benjamin studied menswear, both at Central Saint Martins. They launched a menswear label, "Benjamin Kirchhoff", after graduating.

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2010: “Gypsies, junkies and blue roses.”

How would you describe the Meadham Kirchhoff woman? “Uncompromising, aware and individual.”

What encapsulates London fashion for you? “London is such an eclectic and unpredictable place. This is reflected in the way people present themselves and in the broad spectrum of designers that the city produces. London is a really good environment to absorb what inspires you and make of it what you will. Anything goes.”

What do you hope the new decade will mean for your brand? “The last decade went so quickly we have barely begun to achieve what we had hoped by this point. We hope the next decade will bring a lot of hard work, interesting opportunities and ideally the realization of as many of our goals and ambitions as possible.”

How does London influence your designs? “London has great museums like the Wallace Collection and the V&A which we visit regularly when researching collections. The city’s grey skies are perfect for us. There’s also the flea markets and libraries... this town is full of inspiring places.”

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