Monday, April 11, 2011

The Art Lounge

You’ve probably driven past the Art Lounge a dozen times in Sydney’s Darlinghurst as your taxi driver frantically propels you to just another night spot in the crazy, chaotic Kings cross district.

Kings cross is a location where bars and clubs tend to blur into one - and not only due to too much alcohol, it’s because they are all similar versions to one another.

However if you were to slow down a little bit to catch a glimpse of the newly opened French decadence inspired restaurant and bar, it would definitely intrigue you. What a crazy spot you would see! Modelesque waitresses dashing about, gold trimmed- everything that is illuminated by the perfect amount of mood lighting, and paintings, hung everywhere, as if the restaurant/bar had been picked up and turned upside down. This intriguing vision would make you think twice before you drove on by.

Relaxed and cosy, yet with stunning interior design that awakens your imagination, Art Lounge transports you directly to any night hub in the fashion capital of the world, Paris.

With Its Louis XIV Style furniture, with gold trimmed chairs, to picture frames, you will no doubt take pleasure in choosing to sip on one of the Art Lounges Bespoke cocktails or fine wines. If your feeling particularly peckish you can also indulge in some modern French cuisine.

The first thing you will notice about Art lounge is its artistic eccentricity. Oil paintings not only line the walls, but also the ceiling. This peculiar Alice-In-Wonderland-like experience defiantly sets this bar apart from the rest. The conversion of bar/ restaurant/art gallery is a refreshing take, meaning that having a mellow catch up with friends over wine is what feels natural here.

The Art Lounge- 229 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst 2010

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