Monday, July 4, 2011

MIU MIU Fall 2011 collection.

Miu Miu sure does have good taste, and I’m not just highlighting their new season arrivals, the gorgeous, shimmery, high, structured heels they have created for their Fall 2011 collection. Another example of their fine taste is deciding to cast Hailee Steinfeild, a relatively young, under the radar actress for this campaign.

Steinfeild adds an innocent elegance, a fresh take for Miu Miu that I predict will see a new resurgence to their sales as shoppers flock to have a slice of this portrayal of eternal youth.

Photos were captured be Bruce Weber in natural light, and have pink tones underlying the overall look. The photos took me back to the early 90’s where smiles were in fashion rather then pouts, and there is a true sense of abundance in the photographs (i.e the image of shoes sprawled across the floor or on the lounges, enveloping Steinfeild) this adds to the sweet child like essence of 'more is in fact more'!

It's also a strange parallel to see Steinfeld's brilliantly-played character in True Grit, a tragic yet determined girl taking on adult responsibilities and a burden of revenge, to then be contrasted with the innocent and soft girl we see in the above imagery. It's clear that the clever cats at Miu Miu have banked on a rising star.

Words: Sarah Sayers

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