Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mulberry Resort 2012 collection.

What happens when you fuse together neutral tones, kooky detailing, flattering silhouettes and kitsch 1960’s throwbacks? You get Mulberry’s 2012 Resort collection of course!

Mulberry’s Resort 2012 collection presented by creative director Emma Hill is based on the tongue-in-cheek 1960’s British comedy Carry On Camping, a series filled with humour that only the English could appreciate. But that is the endearing aspect about what Emma Hill has done with Mulberry. She’s brought a specific British nerve to a global luxury brand and, in doing so, has made it a go-to for Alexa Chung copy-cats the world over who want to buy things that are both beautiful and a little more left of center.

The ‘outdoorsiness’ is apparent in the camping shirts, button-up skirts, and shorts that look like they belong to a very stylish Brownie. The Carry On Camping plot takes place at a remote nudist camp totally devoid from normal human-civilisation. Some of the costumes used within this production, a lot looking exactly like camping attire, have been recreated by Hill with a contemporary audience in mind and have been matched with quirky one-offs to create a look that works.

There was also a continuation of colour-blocking even though it was done with more subtle buttery tones, and the double-denim trend that has been a recurring style featured heavily by all major fashion houses is now again basking in the limelight within this collection. By weaving these strong, ongoing trends with the al fresco apparel it keeps this trend fresh and up to date.

I particularly like the kitsch vibe created by using large vibrant fruit such as strawberries and pears detailing the lighter knits. Their kooky eyes and lack of expression make for a very eccentric but unexpected look. Styling one of these caramel or the binary opposite, midnight-black, spring sweaters into your everyday wardrobe would add a point of difference to any outfit and would be a sure hit. There is nothing better then a visual holiday for your eyes.

Words: Sarah Sayers

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