Monday, August 20, 2012

DSquared2 lashed out

Mentally side stepping the glam cat eye sunglasses, kitch 60’s inspired clasp handbags, and the  larger than life bee-hive do’s, what I was most impressed with at the recent DSquared2 show was the thick, black and ultra luscious eyelashes seen parading down the runway.

Paired back with a nude lip, contoured cheekbones ( in a honey brown) and well manicured brows, the models peepers had hearts racing from the front row to the eyes that stared back through laptop screens once the images surfaced.

These lashes were created to flutter. They are thick enough to grab attention, long enough to look more eye catching then your own lashes, but they’re not too loud or veracious to land them in the obscene makeup category. Avant garde? No way! These bad boys deserve a night out on the town, on any occasion.

Here is my break down on the best falsies out there (from most affordable, to splurge worthy), you will be recreating this look in mere minutes:

1.       M.A.C’s 1 Lash has been a cult classic from day dot.  They’re a natural length but feature dense, fuller, slightly wispy lashes. M·A·C Lashes are handmade to exact specifications. Each pattern and design is perfectly shaped to fit the eyelids curve; this helps them sit as comfortable as possible. M.A.C is also a good choice as the product is easy to purchase either online, in store or at any large department store.

2.       NapoleonPerdis has created falsies that give maximum length and thickness. NP Hibiscus lashes are carved to sit fan like on the lids natural lash line. The hair fibres are ultra silky and can be easily trimmed back to give a more natural feel if you are after a more casual, yet sexy eye.

3.       Last but not least Shu Uemura, the eyelash professionals, put their best face forward with their falsies in Luxe Black. Inspired by the mink false eyelashes custom-ordered by celebrities, this synthetic version features a criss-crossed design to provide the most voluminous lashes. Thicker at the roots, it tapers at the tips for luscious-looking lashes with a defined eyeline. These lashes will provide you with 60’s chic in a heartbeat.

4.       I have also included the best eyelash glue on the market. A lot of women have trouble applying fake eye lashes due to the difficulty of adhesion. Cue Duo Eyelash Glue, this glue is super strength but gentle on the delicate skin that is your eyelid! Apply with tweezers, it’s as easy as one, two and three. Drying time is speedy as well, so that gives Duo glue double thumbs up.
5.       Lastly the kit I believe it best for keeping your brows in shape and even offers three eye brow tints to suit everyone’s face, it created by the wonderful people at YoungBlood. The kit also comes with a pair of strong stainless steel tweezers that can grab the most pesky hairs (it also helps to use these babies when your carefully applying your false lashes) and a tiny brow brush which has a eyebrow comb on one end and a soft angled brush on the other. This helps with the application of the coloured brown powder. For a polished brow, this kit is a must.

Please steal this Dsquared2 look; your friends will be experiencing serious lash-envy.
SS x

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