Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm having a DO day...

Have you ever noticed that days off normally offer us time to reclaim unfinished tasks that we have been dying to finish, or to allow time to do things for ourselves that are special but just won’t fit within the limitations of a standard 9 to 5 work day. If you’re thinking yes! Then this post will make extra sense to you. Do day derives from having a day off, here’s the maths behind it. 

Day Off = D.O,
  1. Perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified): "she knew what she was doing"; "what can I do for you?".
  2. Used before a verb (except be, can, may, ought, shall, will) in questions and negative statements.
We can all see just how proactive this word is. It’s powerful! My DO days are a combination of smashing out a hard session at the gym, eating delicious yet nutritional meals throughout the day, planning my week ahead in my diary (for peace of mind), buying a good coffee and catching up on all the unbelievable ramblings in trash mags, and often just to sit in silence, in the sun, as I absorb some much needed vitamin D.

Being able to fully take hold of your own personal time, and make the most of it, is possibly the best way to fulfill your inner yearnings. Some of my most creative ideas have occurred on these days. 

When your mind is at ease, creativity flows. 

What do you guys do on your DO day? Would love to hear from you and see what makes my readers happy as well. 

SS x

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