Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mile Hy-(H20) Club

I think we can all remember the worst flight we’ve ever been on. Mine was earlier in February. I was on a long haul flight from Tokyo at a grueling 6 am in the morning (and in case I forget to mention, we slept at Tokyo airport the night before, but that’s another story). Our pit stop was in Singapore with the last leg straight back home to Sydney.

The flight had all the usual annoying traits (think: lack of water served from flight attendants, tasteless food, next to no sleep and a crying baby mere meters away), but what I remember the most was the dryness of my skin and lips. Flying promises two very fast things, a quick flight to your chosen destination, and for all moisture to be zapped out of your skin quicker than you can say, wheres my hydrating serum?!

I had used up all of my Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum on the flight there and foolishly used up the entire product over the next couple of days after my arrival...Japanese winters can be cruel! I should have hunted down a replacement but I thought I could cheat the system, you cannot! Learn from my mistakes! Arriving back in Sydney my skin felt as dull and dry as cheap tissue paper.

This time around it is not I who has been summoned to beautiful tropical vistas or cultural sights and sounds. A close friend of mine, Temeika, will be jet setting to LA, so I thought I’d be so kind as to share the best beauty skin care packs that will make it through customs, and make your skin feel half alive once you embark on your travels.

Aesop’s New York travel essentials:

This kit features many of their favourites from their ever popular Parsley Seed skin care range.
This kit has everything on offer from shampoo to conditioner once you land, to an anti-oxident serum and enriching lip balm during your flight. Heaven.

Ultraceuticals Even Skincare Travel Kit:

This is a personal favourite. This kit features products that deliver, you will indeed feel hydrated mid trip. What to expect: The Even Skintone regime to cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin whilst you enjoy the summer holidays. Including Ultra Milk Cleanser 50ml, Even Skintone Serum 25ml, Ultra Moisturiser Cream 25ml, Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30+ 25ml.

Air Repair Skin Care Travel Kit:

Most people have heard of the brand Air Repair, its particularly popular overseas. This kit is highly publicised for frequent flyers and here is what it offers: The ground-breaking formulations with targeted ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (moisture retention), Cloudberry Seed Oil (a powerful anti-oxidant) and Heat Shock Proteins (climate-adjusting) deliver superior results. Whether you are flying or going from sun to snow, Air Repair is the only "take care, anywhere" skin care kit you'll ever need.

Jo Malone In-Flight Bag:

I’ve left the best to last. This kit ups the volume in glamour and resourcefulness. This super chic zip up bag combines all your favourite Jo Malone products in a very compact case. It's the perfect accompaniment for any journey; contains on-board essentials including the Ginseng Day Moisturising Cream, Green Tea & Honey Eye Cream, Lime, Sage and Mandarin Body Lotion and even a mini fragrance to keep you smelling fresh once you arrive. This is the kit you should ask that special someone in your life to surprise you with.

I hope these options help, feel free to leave feedback on what formulas best worked on your jet lagged skin and a big Bon Voyage to precious Temeika. Here’s to a wonderful, hydrated, trip.

SS x

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