Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Perfume Diaries: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Marc Jocobs' Honey

I’ve been a bit of a busy bee lately, buzzing about frantically trying to get everything on my to-do list done (I’ve recently moved, so that on top of my usual deadlines makes for a bit of craziness!).

There have also been so many life changes occurring in the land of Sarah over the last two weeks that it’s been good to not only put a new address to this time in my life, but also a scent! And oh, how timely! Especially because this particular perfume is a match made in spring time beauty heaven!

I’m speaking of course about Marc Jacobs latest and freshest perfume release Honey, $120 for 50ml.

As soon as I tore off the plastic wrapping around the box and revealed this super cute and very personalised bottle ( How gorg are the stripy bubble bees with pearl accents?!) I pulled off the lid bracing my nose for yet another iconic Marc Jacobs fragrance. If his other scents (Daisy, Oh Lola and Dot) are anything to go by, we know we’re in for a fun yet sophisticated fragrance that just gets better and more delicious throughout its wear.

I’ve been wearing Honey every day over the last fortnight and I haven’t got sick of its sweet scent yet – which is an achievement in itself considering I have quite the perfume library on my tall boy at home!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this scent is all sticky sweet notes though, just because of its name. Fresh florals are also blended to create a stunning balance that’s appealing to the nose. Interestingly honey isn’t initially a scent you will smell when first spritzed. What you will smell, though, is a bouquet of fruity flavours; imagine chopping up a fruit salad on a balmy summer afternoon. It’s fresh and sweet but not at all overbearing, more refreshing.

After about half an hour, the scent blends with your own natural skin oils and it’s then that you will pick up on the honey scent. It’s also when more zesty fruity smells come to life like fizzy mandarin and orange blossom in full bloom.

If you wait a couple of hours after you have first spritzed you will be left with a beautiful warm scent on your skin thanks to the base notes of honey, golden vanilla and woody notes that are super comfortable to wear.

I’ve got a feeling that Honey is going to be the new ‘It’ perfume of Spring/Summer 2013/14. To get a wiff of this new pretty fragrance head to your closest Myer or David Jones department store. 

SS x 

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