Monday, July 25, 2011

Marble nails.

Need an incentive to grow your nails? Well I can’t think of anything that will entice you more then this video by R29 TV. Connie’s online tutorial demonstrates how to create ‘Marble nails’ with an array of colours that look very psychedelic, transporting your hands and hopefully your mindset back to the 70’s.

The technique to achieve this look is surprisingly simple and involves a disposable plastic-cup, plastic-knife and sticky tape. You will also need a few contrasting shades of nail polish to achieve a look that stands out, however you might want to experiment with subtle tones as they will create a more 'earthy finish' with your nails then emulating deep under-ground crystals.

I say now is the time to try this revolutionary nail-art as fashion has prescribed an ‘anything goes’ attitude, so be daring and try contrast the shade of your nails to the outfit you are wearing for wow factor!

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