Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Showcase Gallery, Darlinghurst

To return to a time and place where creative thoughts and feelings can be harbored in a safe, refreshing sanctuary is a golden opportunity that any artist that has become trapped by the lucrative devils deal of ‘artistic advertising’ would jump at.

It is little wonder then why Showcase Gallery in Sydney’s Darlinghurt has been launched… with equal measures of speculation and accolades.

Showcase Gallery provides one of the few avenues in Australia that supports creative professionals wanting to develop their artistic profile. It heralds a chance for artists to pursue their own conceptual goals and ambitions through expressing their creative skills in artworks rather then in commercial art pieces such as advertising.

The ‘Don’t Give Up Your Day Job’ report released a few years back stated “50% of all artists earn less than $7,300 from their art in a year”, so it’s understandable why so many advertising and design people have artistic ambitions, but still work in advertising or design to make a crust.

Showcase Gallery, which has been brought to life by Gallery Director Kellie Nichol-Smith who has invaluable experience in marketing, artist representation and photographic production said that she is “fascinated with advertising and art and how one can inform the other” but believes that “The work produced by these creative’s is quite diverse and highlights a need to return to their artistic roots.”

The launch exhibition (26 July – 13 August) will feature personal pieces by internationally recognised photographers Mark Mawson, Chuck Bradley and Nicholas Alan Cope, designers Bianca Chang and Terry Chrisholm, and art directors Paul Meates and Jed DePyper.

Words: Sarah Sayers
Image: Chuck Bradley

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