Monday, August 29, 2011

Crown Moulding

Crown Molding? What is this you ask? Well, lucky I am here to share with you my latest aesthetic passion (other then handbags and shoes of course), it’s a side-love… but growing.

Crown molding is typically seen applied along the seams where ceiling meets wall, a “plaster bridge”- if I may, that acts as a marriage between the two, causing a fusion to occur, a balance that draws the eye smoothly from a wall to the beautiful, intricate designs that your eyes will soon feast upon that decorate either your ceiling or skirting boards.

This slight obsession is fresh and begun perhaps 2 months ago, if my mental-mind-clock is correct. Now, when ever I am sitting in a refurbished, late 1920’s to 60’s space I take the time to look up, and check if the crown molding has been left untouched.

I have found some gems lately, check out the images above of some snap shoots I took of the roof at Lee and Me, a cute boutique slash café in Wollongong. I noticed the glory above me whilst sipping on some freshly squeezed lemon juice and just had to take some images of evidence for this post, an open love letter to my new fervor, crown molding.

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