Monday, August 29, 2011

Home made, organic, orange juice

On a recent trip down the South Coast with my lovely boyfriend to visit his family we passed an over-flowing orange tree, ripe and fruitful with produce dying to be picked, (quite literally, there were hundreds of oranges just lying on the ground rotting away.)

We decided to collect a box full, come home and spend the afternoon slicing, squeezing, sifting and creating (and I know I’m bias), the best OJ made…ever.

Our hands were sticky, and my face stung as the citric-acids from the Oranges that we had discarded after squeezing perfumed the air around me, covered my face. But it was all worth it, the result was liquid gold.

Here is our recipe to get the best quality juice possible.


• Hand picked, organic oranges
• Water
• (We didn’t add sugar, as organic oranges are already flavorsome enough with natural antioxidants and innate sugars)


• Cut oranges in half
• Pulse in a juicer
• Collect juice in a cup as you go and pour into a large container (we used a large silver mixing bowl)
• Take the juice collected in the bowl and pour it slowly through a sifter to collect unnecessary pulp. You want the consistency to still be thick but not sluggish and undrinkable.
• The juice flowing through the strainer should be collected into a large drinking container that you have available.
• Finished!

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