Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bjork inspired kitchen

Watching Bjork in this 1993 produced video of Venus As A Boy startled me for two reasons. One, Bjorks absolute beauty; how can a human being be equal measures of whimsical features, endearing mannerisms and all’ perfect angles at once? A real life anime if you please? I put her timeless looks down to her Icelandic heritage.

The second aspect that captivated me was the eclectic visual of her humble kitchen, a small nook in which Bjork cooks herself some midnight eggs in a dreamy blur. The Moroccan colour scheme, gypsy detailing and a homely feel that is created by the clutter that surrounds her is candid and just as endearing as Bjork herself.

As a tribute to the beauty of this clip I have collected some home goods that would make for a Bjork’esque kitchen.

From left to right:

1. Ruby glass bottle

2. Morrocan inspired Etsey painting

3. Paint: Dulux, Barbados blue.

4. Wooden kitchen bench

5. Hanging baskets

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