Monday, December 10, 2012

December Love List

December is all about manic excitement. Manic because you have to tie up all the loose ends of the year ranging from work commitments, end of year presentations, seeing friends and family that you have neglected because you’re so busy, and trying to fit in a little me time. And on the more positive side excitement due to knowing big annual dates are coming up including Christmas, Boxing Day sales, New Years Eve and our much deserves holiday break (preferably someone tropical, but really...anywhere will do right?)

December is all of those things. But here are the little details that have made this month extra special for me, I recommend that you check them out, and pronto!

Christmas at Oxfam:

If you haven’t heard of Oxfam yet, they’re an organisation that works with underprivileged communities all over the world. They have been helping for more than 50 years, and provide people with the skills and resources to aid them in creating their own solutions to beat poverty.

One way they do this is by allowing them to make their own handicrafts that Oxfam then sells in their stores. When we buy them, proceeds go directly back to their rural village. 

I bought some clever and very gorgeous interior decor in the form of bowls and containers for my bosses. I like that this gift is different to most things we receive around Christmas time, it actually helps people in countries that don’t even experience Christmas due to their poverty stricken lives.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas please check out their site here and see where your closest store is. These pressies not only touch the heart of those you gift them to, but to the people who need the money most in far away cities.

BBC Japanese documentary Fish, a Japanese obsession:

What an insightful, funny and entertaining documentary. If you’re anything like me and have an interest in Japanese culture, then this is for you! This doco takes you into the biggest city of Japan, Tokyo, and all the way to the smallest villages to the south of the country. It delves into why Japanese people love fish, eat fish and celebrate this animal in every aspect of their lives. I learnt so much and had a good belly laugh throughout. A must watch!

New rug:

 Okay this one speaks for itself. I bought a new rug. ‘Whoop di do’ you’re probably thinking. Do not diss the power of a good quality rug, it may not be a life changer, but it’s certainly a room changer. Mine is thick and woven with khaki and cream panels. Super comfy for lying on and will be great for any apartment space I take up due to the neutral colours. Love!

Nuxe Paris Creme Prodigieuse Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Cream (Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Stress):

This ultra hydrating and soothing cream should not be judged on its simple packaging. This French power cream has been the most luxurious and calming facial night cream I’ve tried yet. I also have to add, the scent is divine. It’s heavenly. I can only compare it to a really subtle jasmine scent, but not over-powering. Sometimes I even indulge in a second layer of this decant product at night, it just feels so good!

Nails Inc. London Kensington Top Coat Caviar:

Until two weeks ago my mani and pedi routine went something like this: base coat (wait 4 minutes), a few slicks of colours (around three coats to build to desired depth) wait 5 minutes, top coat - wait ten minutes. Honestly, even just typing that out then sounded exhausted. And what a waste of time! That’s half an hour of my day waiting for something to dry! Major Yawn fest. 

Thankfully I now wiz through my mani with the amazing Nails Inc. London Kensington Top Coat Caviar. As soon as you are finished with painting your nails with any desired colour, one slick of this speedy lacquer and your nails are dry in thirty seconds. It is mental! A great investment for anyone who paints their nails and I’m betting that’s at least 90% of the female population!

Maurie and Eve 1940s flared shorts:

They are the most flattering new piece to enter my wardrobe this month. I’ve only worn them out once so far but have received many a compliment. Australian labels really know how to make us show ponies don’t they! Mine are terracotta and match with basically anything!

I’ll catch you guys strutting around town!

SS x

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