Sunday, December 9, 2012

Leighton Meester brings her A-game by making the cut...

Wow, wow, wow! That's all I can think when I look at the new and improved Leighton Meester. It is seriously crazy what a fresh hair cut can do! Leighton is literally radiating at the moment, it must be true, a haircut can be as good as a holiday!

Leighton is lucky to have a small forehead and a round shaped face. You’d be wrong to think everyone's face is round, even though that seems like the most obvious silhouette. Most people have square or even heart shaped like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Because Leighton’s is on the more petite rounded side though, she is able to get away with such a sharp and ultra-chic bob. 

I love that she teamed this new do with a bronzed complexion and a red lip with orange undertones, it really sets off her glowing skin. She also tried out luscious eyelashes paired with a winged eyeliner. It is almost too perfect of a combination. Her brushed out full eyebrows help to frame her face and soften the sharp edgy haircut as well.

When Leighton had the long swirly wavy hair style that she rocked for years (and in my opinion, far too long), all of her natural beauty went a miss. It was like her hair owned her; she did not own her hair. She can safely know now that her strands...well they're under her thumb!

I would definitely take this picture to your hairdresser and make the cut too if you have been in a hair rut for far too long. Look at the huge difference it makes!

Lots of love,

SS x

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