Sunday, December 9, 2012

How a turban headband can change up your beauty routine:

You are probably thinking, Sarah What are you on about now? But honestly a fabric headband is a beauty game changer!

The humble head piece can help your beauty routine in two very functional, and fashionable ways.

 Above: This is what my turban headband looks like. It's super comfy and doesn't make me look like an entire freak while I'm scooting around the house hunting down someone or something to eat!

1.       Facial serums are big beauty news at the moment. Everything from argon oil to rosehip oil are now applied sparingly to the face at night before we go to bed, all in the hope that when we wake up in the morning, we see a glowing complexion greet us.

The only problem? Facials serums are essentially oils. Not so great for freshly-washed and blow dried hair. You'll know what I mean if you've ever experienced waking up the next day, after applying said serums, to see you have limp strands.

The fix? Kindly greet your new beauty bestie, the elasticised turban headband. Because it's soft and made from fabric, not hard like the traditional headbands from yesteryear, you can sleep with them on, without your hair making contact with your face. Genius!

2.       If you are anything like me, you may begin your morning beauty ritual with hair styling first, then makeup last. The theory behind this is that the heat from your hair appliances (hair dryer, straighter, maybe even hot hair rollers) won’t melt away the hard work you have put into your makeup.

 So, after you've styled your hair and now want to move onto prettying up your face, the last thing you want is foundation getting swiped into your fringe or the front of your layers! Solution? Your fabric head band once again! The fabric won’t create a kink at the front of your hair the same way a hard head band would, and you can then complete all of your makeup!

SIf your beauty routine is crying out for one of these bad boys, I have sourced a super cute one online at an Etsy store that's very affordable and looks particularly comfortable!Check it out here!
 Hope you guys enjoyed these ingenious tips that I have picked up along my glossy path,

SS x

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