Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sports Bras – They’re not an option, but a necessity!

I want to make a very brief apology first. My topic of choice today is on something that is totally unglamorous, but useful for every woman to know. In fact even for men who are more heavily endowed in the chest section.

*News flash* Sports bras are essential when completing any type of physical activity, even yoga! Your humble push-up-bra not only should be reserved for creating killer curves outside of the gym, but it might even be doing you harm.

Here is how:

  • Runners Nipple - We’ve all heard of runners nipple (I told you this would be gross), it’s basically when excessive friction to the nipple region is endured during long physical activity (running, hockey, basket ball, body pump), and sore chaffed nipples occur. It can sometimes result in bleeding, or a thick crust forming, much like Mummy-Nipple during the breast feeding phase. This is because a push-up-bra allows movement within the cup, despite how well you fill out your bra of choice. With a sports bra your bad-girls are literally strapped to you, meaning no movement and no runner’s nipple. Yay!
  • Posture please! Sports bras offer a whole new world of support, with its tight lycra holding your shoulder and ribcage in an upright position. This is why a sports bra is perfect for even relaxed activities like yoga and pilates to even tai-chi where balance and perfect body alignment is needed.
  • They stop indecent exposure – Ever been to the gym, perhaps in a CX class, and seen a girl in front of you doing the plank position on her mat, wearing a singlet top with a normal bra, and you can actually see all the way into it! Not a good look at all!
  • Sports bras actually look all sorts of cool, and dare I say very serious business?! Nothing looks like you’re a regular on the running path or at the spin class then a sports bra. It screams out “I’m not here to gain the attention of male onlookers; I’m here to burn the fat baby!”

I love these Adidas vibrant hued varieties! Check them out here.
This is all. Have any of you experienced any of the above? How have you combated gym related health issues in the past?

SS x

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