Monday, September 3, 2012

The casual-chic recipe

Minka Kelly... can this girl hit a style note wrong? I think not! 

Flicking through the latest fashion galleries floating around online, I came across this very candid image of Minka as she was departing a store in New York.

For a candid snap, she looks flawless in an effortless ensemble that anyone would be happy to get caught in. Washed out leopard print pants paired with a simple white tee that’s layered with an open denim shirt create the perfect casual aesthetic. 

To pare down her look she also decided upon grey, neutral toned booties. The tortoise shell ray ban wayfarers were also a smart accessory choice as they not only blend with her outfit but with her brunette locks.

Next time you decide to step out to quickly hit the corner store, keep in mind that the perfect every day outfit is built upon one in style trend (print pants), a staple (white tee shirt), a layering piece in a easy to wear fabric (denim over shirt) and a pair of boots that will bring this all together (grey ankle boots). 

This is the recipe to casual-chic success.

Thank you Minka and goodluck!

SS x

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