Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lindsey Wixon Vixon, Jessica Rabbit in the flesh

Lindsey Wixson is an American model best known for her bee-stung lips, gapped front teeth, and of course svelte body. 

The cliché of a model oozing sex appeal is in this instance, inevitable. And she does it with such tenacity, with a ‘couldn’t give a dame' allure, that means you can’t really help but love this other worldly femme fatal.

Femme Fatal is the best description for Lindsey; she would have been best suited in the 1940’s, where she could have fully used her looks to her advantage. I see her in a dimly-lit bar, dressed to the nines in black tassels, holding a Cuban cigar in one hand (that she no doubt used flirtation to gain from a handsome, affluent, gentleman across the bar), all the while leaving a large red lip stain on her gin and tonic glass that’s held in the other.

Her yesteryear looks are so out of place in our present time, that really, I’m not surprised she has become so über famous in the world of high fashion - she sets herself apart.

While mulling over all of the above, it dawned on me that Lindsey basically is Jessica Rabbit. 

Jessica Rabbit is beautiful, passionate, sexy and glamourous. She is slender and fair-skinned. She has blue eyes, red pouty lips, purple eyelids and long red hair that covers her right eye. She alludes to innocence, when she’s anything but – exactly like Lindsey. 

Enjoy this clip and images of the sultry beauty.

 SS x

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