Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sarah What have you been up to?

I feel the need to post about what I’ve been up to for once – a little explaining is necessary, I’ve neglected my much loved blog for far too long to simply pretend this little two-week stunt away from the keyboard didn’t happen.

Cutting to the chase – I now have a full time writing job! My creative services have been enlisted for the super fabulous publication The Knot, here in Australia. For those of you in America, I’m sure you have heard of the magazine/website, I’ve learnt how big it is over in the states.

I’ll be spending Monday to Friday, from nine to five, looking for the latest bridal fashion-inspirations, and helping those soon to wed look their best on their big day.

For those who are pouting with worry – this little hiatus from Sarah What is over, and I will continue to deliver fresh content throughout the coming weeks, I’ve seriously missed updating my online love child – but a girl deserves a little leeway time when getting comfy in a new job after all?

 Beauty posts as well as other lifestyle articles will still be flooding in; this blog is great channel for me to discuss everything from hair sprays to serums, and anything else in between. 

So, with all that said, please forgive! I am back baby, and better than ever!

SS x

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