Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trilogy presents: Nomness for the hair!

I can see Aussie beauty, and vegan, Teresa Palmer using these natural beauty products, can you?

Beauty and health go hand in hand, or lipstick to pout, or mascara to lashes... really any of these comparisons will do!

So when on Monday I was treated to a simply delicious lunch by Kitchen By Mike and a new complete range of shampoo and conditioners that were couriered to my desk at work (I know, I'm spoilt right?) I wasn't at all shocked that it was sent from the beauty guru's at Trilogy. After all, they are known for always using the most vitamin-rich ingredients to fill their products with, and in turn deliver astonishing results.

This feasting celebration was timed perfectly however with their debut hair care range which features two kinds of  shampoo's and conditioners (Refresh and shine or Smooth and Nourish, all at $24) having a main, and very important, ingredient of artichoke - which I was dining on! I'm expecting most of you have eaten it before, but if you haven't here's some lovely imagery.

So now imagine this vegetable in your shampoo and conditioner, not just plonked in whole (duh), but the extracted antioxidants, so that when you wash your hair (and believe me, it foams up a treat!) you now not only get a thorough cleanse that delivers shine and vitality, but you're also feeding your scalp with hair anti-angers from root to tip. Nice work Trilogy!

I have been in love with Trilogy's Rose hip Oil and Everything Balm for quite some time. In fact, I've actually gotten a lot of my friends onto the products, they really are that amazing. Most of them sit on my desk, and without even knowing I'll rub or smear some of their products on,  it's become second nature.

I'm so happy to have these pretties sitting in my shower, let's hope washing my strands with these newies becomes a muscle memory action as well!

SS x

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