Friday, August 2, 2013

The Bigger The Hair, The Closer To God! Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ = Holy Grail Haircare.

Fact: No one likes limp hair.

How do I know this? Well, mainly the fact that I’ve seen all of my friends from time to time using volume-providing hair products, and teasing the under layers of their hair. Google it (my answer to everything!). Literally, type 'beautiful hair' into Google images now and see what shows up. I guarantee it’s cascading curls, large flowing locks suspended in thin air and glossy thick strands.

I was right wasn’t I? Cue: smugness.

Before you check out your own head of hair in your closest mirror or reflective surface (i.e phone screen – we’ve all done it!) know that you don’t have to be born with naturally big hair. It really is in the prep work to make it look like you’ve rolled out of bed with goddess like tendrils.

If you want natural looking big hair like this:

Read on!

1.       Wash your hair with a volume providing shampoo and conditioner. What do I look to for this? John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo is a winner.

It gives thin hair a 'just had my hair professionally blow-dried' feel. It lathers really well and smells so fresh. Surprisingly, even though it aids in plumping up your strands, the actual consistency of the shampoo is very lightweight. This confuses a lot of people as they expect a thickening shampoo to have a think gloppy like texture. Not this one! $15.99

2.       Once out of the shower use Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Upload - Volume Cream.

I first started trialling this product a month ago, and I can tell you – I’m addicted! The thickening cream is kept in a cool pump bottle, all you need if one pump for a whole head of damp hair. Stroke evenly through your roots and lengths and blast with a hit of hot air via your hair dryer with your head facing downwards.

When you flick your hair up you will take in amazing volume, plus your hair will feel incredibly soft – not hard and crunchy, the feeling a lot of volumising products will leave you with.($28.95)

3.       Lastly spritz your hair with a flexible hold hairspray. For this my go to is Tony & Guy’s Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray which is easily available from Woolworths or salons.

That’s it peeps! For gorgeous hair it’s all about the ground work, or better yet root work, so with these three key hair ingredients you will never have a boring, limp and flat bad hair day again.

SS x

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