Sunday, July 28, 2013

Get Bella Heathcote's Tangerine Lips & Golden Eyes...

Bella Heathcote looking fabulous as per norm!

This beauty look by Bella Heathcote is so pretty for this coming spring/summer. To give you ample time to master the few steps to recreating this classic yet modern style I thought I’d break down exactly what you need and how to get it right.

1.       Start with a fresh, pristine base. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone exactly, so if you are a fair dame – don’t go overboard on bronzer. However, if you are naturally darker in complexion just pair your foundation accordingly so it blends consistently with your neck.

2.       After filling in your brows with a brown powder or pencil, take a golden hued eye shadow. My ‘go to gold’ is within my Ginger and Smart X Shu Uemura palette. The Palette comes with three tones of oceanic blue and a gorgeous golden shimmery tone (the one we will be using), however you can use any gold eye shadow, as love as it is highly pigmented and has a slight sparkle like Bella’s above.

Everyone loves a makeup/designer collab right?!

With a clean medium sized blending brush apply enough eye shadow (not too much that it falls onto your cheeks!) and sweep over your entire lid in a horizontal motion. Take a buffing brush and make sure there are no harsh edges on your upper lid. With your blending brush (with excess gold pigment) quickly swipe it under your lower lash line.

3.       Now, take Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner in Gold Dress and rim your lower lash line and waterline.

My swatch of Bourjois's Contour Clubbing Eyeliner in Gold Dress
4.       Grab Covergirl’s bullet-like Line Exact Liquid Eyeliner. You now want to create a subtle cat eye flick on your upper lid – don’t go too extreme though, the thinner the better for this goddess-like look. If you find it hard to create a flick, the easiest way to achieve it is by taking your index finger and pulling the outer corner of your lid across and make it taunt. With your other hand, draw a clean line (starting from the inner corner of your lid) out and across with a steady hand. Make sure the ink is as close as possible to your natural lashes. Open your eyes and check if you need to extend your “flick”.

For amazing 'cat eyes' you can't go wrong with Covergirl's Line Exact.

5.       Once you have flicked out both eyes, and they match in thickness and length, take any mascara of your choice. Lashes are not the hero of this beauty look so any will do. Make sure you don’t create any clumping. Less is more here.

6.       Lastly, take the uber affordable, yet so affective, Napoleon Perdis Set lipstick in Noosa. If you have a clean lip brush I recommend that you use it to paint in your lips. Why? Because the angled bristles will allow you to first trace in the contours of your lips perfectly to create clean sharp lines, a beautiful affect for your ‘cupids bow’. You can then fill in the remaining lip surface with as much pigment as you want. Noosa is such a beautiful tropical shade – this is why this golden lid and fruity lip combo work well for balmy summer nights.

Tutty Fruity NP Set in Noosa.

Here’s my finished look. If you try this look, make sure to Instagram it and @ me ( so I can see how gorg it looks on you!

SS x

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