Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Hippest Daily Moisturiser Yet. Sukin’s Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream Is a Winner!

Barbara Palvin and her gorgeous soft and plump skin!

If it's baby-soft refreshed skin that you're after, you need a killer daily moisturising cream.

To cement this 'beauty truth' I've decided to push pride to the wayside and share an anecdote - one I'm not too proud of because it's the one basic beauty rule we get told over and over again - yet seems to happen after many crazy nights. I didn't remove my makeup upon going to sleep.

Before you cast your eyes on me with shame, I can at least say that the excitement of seeing Haim play in Sydney for the first time, as well as sharing a bottle of champagne with one of my besties, is the reason why.

Nothing is worse then hoping straight into the shower the next morning to thoroughly cleanse your face (and remove said makeup), to emerge and relaise that you need to a reapply a face of makeup before going to work.

To make my skin feel and look refreshed before reluctantly applying foundation I turned to my latest skincare crush, Sukin's Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream ($23.95).

It comes in a cute glass jar and contains the most delicious scented light-weight moisturiser that spreads on the face and neck with ease, and absorbs fast - meaning nourishment is being infused into the layers of you epidermis in speedy succession. This is so handy when you quickly need to reapply makeup.

The scent smells a lot like skittles, very sweet, I have a sneaking suspicion that the rose hips used to make this moisturiser are from the Memorial Day species, just one of these roses has the capacity to scent an entire lounge room!

This forumar also contain pomegranate (an amazing super food) and kakadu plum - which just adds to the delish sugary scent. When all three of these hard working ingrediants combine they make a fantastic day wear cream that helps to relieve any stress from dry skin (or hungover skin tsk tsk!) and prevent signs of premature ageing.

When arrived to work today I had two work collegues complement my skin and say that is looked "fresh and glowing" - not bad for a night out on the town I must say!

You can pick up any of Sukin's products from from pharmacies, Priceline and some good health food stores.

SS x

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