Monday, July 22, 2013

Fash-Forward Celebrity Style At Comic Con 2013

As soon as anyone mentions Comic Con, the first thing I think of this scene from The Big Bang Theory (click towatch), which is rather hilarious – so it’s totally fine that my brain links to that first!
Secondly, I think of all the geek-chic celebs that arrive in high end, and high street fashions.

This year three looks stood out for me due to their effortlessness and fashion-forward nature.

So without further ado,

1.    Nina Dobrev in Sachin + Babi

Nina has always had a fantastic bod, but thanks to this formfitting floral shorts and striped three-quarter length top duo, she looks lither than ever. I love how she's paired this clashed-print ensemble with metallic heels to really take this style to another lev. Note to self: When trying to pull off this look, I must have a tan!

2.    Minka Kelly in Thakoon

Hello peaches and cream! Normally I'd use that expression to describe a beautiful English complexion, yet this stripy Thakoon dress takes the cake! I love the architectural sleeves and appropriate length of the hem. She made a wise decision when pairing this dress with creamy pumps as to not overwhelm the overall look. Very fresh - I love!

3.    Elizabeth Olsen in Balenciaga

Elizabeth Olsen reminds me of a leggy fawn. She has such a youthful glow as well, which just adds to her innocent demeanour. Here, she makes a statement with a monochromatic palette. Her black and white heels are paired to perfection with this Balenciaga ensemble that features black tailored shorts and a white, cleanly cut, V-neck vest. She puts a sporty edge on the overall look with her watch. This was by far my favourite look on the day.

Guys, which celeb gets your tick of approval? 

SS x

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