Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super-Boost Your Skin This Winter With Ultraceuticals. I Was Left Hydrated And Wowed!

Winter, at first everyone was looking forward to you! We were imagining cosy nights in, fashionable scarfs flung around our necks and delicious roast potatoes. And what did we get? We got sore, dehydrated, wind-chapped skin and painful lips to boot! How nice of you! 

My embarrassing innocence has brought out an announcement that I think we should all embrace - and for the prettier! I say it's time to become better equipped when dealing with the elements. Especially because we're only half way through this chilly season, and secondly - there are many more winters where this came from - we might as well learn now!

My combat kit comes from the profesh-skincare experts at Ultraceuticals. This luxe skincare brand was created by Dr Geoffrey Heber, an acclaimed cosmetic physician that has specialised in non-surgical (no needles or knifes - yay!) cosmetic medicine since 1988, and we know how vain the 80s were. What with the voluminous hair and pop-pink lipstick!

This brand is Australian made and owned and contains products that not only boast anti-ageing properties - but help you look glowy and fantastic every day.  

For the last two to three weeks I have been using the above products morning and night, and prayed that their celebrated ingredients would help my wounded skin. My cheeks were so rouged from the cold wind that it looked as though I became blush-happy, and my lips were beginning to sting at the end of a long day. 

This is how I layered the products above to get the best results, and from the picture of my now glowing skin (see bottom) - I can safely say that these products are worth the spend for the results they produce.

Going Clockwise:

1. After gently washing my face at night and removing all traces of makeup, I’d take a small amount of Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum. It contains a double dosage of Vitamin B (no prizes for guessing that key ingrediant) and helps to relieve itchy, dry skin as well as leave your skin feeling refreshed. This formula is so fast absorbing that almost seconds after I applied it o my skin (see middle of picture) it almost totally absorbed!

Other key ingrediants include ProVitamin B5, which helps to re-build damaged skin from wind chapping, and vitamin B3 which builds a barrier on your skin to stop any nasties intruding in the future. The last key ingredient is super powerful hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin to soak in as much moisture as possible and stay hydrated despite the conditions outside, $79.

2. Once my Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum has soaked in, and believe me it happens in a snap, I take a small amount of my Ultraceuticals Ultra Calming Treatment Cream. It has a slightly golden colour - but comes with no offensive smells - unlike a lot of other hard working creams on the market. 

This cream has been specifically made to help those with sensitive skin - which is pretty much everyone in winter. It really helped to settle my red skin, and even when I emerged out of the shower with tight skin after cleansing, it made my face feel soft very quickly. 

The key ingredients are panthenol (which is basically pro-vitam B5), oat kernel flour, aloe leaf juice and bisabolol (Or, essential oil from German chamomile). 

Extra points to this cream for doubling as a once-a-week calming treatment mask - just apply all over and leave for 20 minutes (or longer, depends how much time is on your hands - or face!) $95.

3. Thirdly, once my calming cream has done its well-trusted work, I look to my Ultraceuticals Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum. This product (swatched to the far right) contains a hero ingredient that really does fill in fine lines and tired, deflated skin. I'm talking about much loved retinol. Retinol helps your own naturally occurring collagen (what keeps you looking young) to work even harder - it's basically a skin slave driven when it comes to showing off well hydrated, plump, youthful skin. 

I dab a little of this cream onto my frown-zone (area between my brows) around my eyes, and also mouth region to attack smile-creases, $118.   

4. Lastly - my crazy-dry lips I've been moaning about. I found a holy grain balm that has stopped cracking in its tracks. Say hello to Ultraceuticals Ultra Lip Therapy SPF 15

This wax-looking, yet extremely creamy and easy to apply balm comes in a cute perspex compact with hand mirror, making fantastic if you're a speed-demon like me and always rushing off somewhere.

This clear balm offers long-lasting nourishment and protection from harsh environments. It features pure vitamin C as well as SPF15 - because even though it may be cold outside, UV rays still have a way of breaking through heavy clouds.

Other key ingredients are shea butter, black current seed oil (which gives off a really unique but lovely aroma) and jojoba oil to sooth.

I've really loved these products and will keep using them all winter long until they sadly run out. As promised here is a picture of my now hydrated and soft skin (even if I do say so myself!) - I didn't even have to use my trusty illuminator to get that glow! 

 Head into your nearest David Jones to trial and take a look at the above amazing products yourself.

SS x

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