Saturday, November 23, 2013

Secret Santa Beauty Gift Ideas Perfect For Female Friends

It’s that time of year again - the festive season. 

Please don’t mistake that first sentence as Grinch-like. I actually can’t wait to pop up the Christmas tree and make yummy festive treats to give to friends. But, one Chrissie ritual I (normally) hate is the ever-popular Secret Santa. They can be so tricky, especially if you don’t know the person that well. 

This year I’ve come up with two excellent ways to choose something much more exciting than a tray of Ferrero Rochers that’s certain to make your receiver feel like the archangels are looking down on her favourably.

Scenario 1. Your budget for the gift is $10, you’ve only spent $5 and are looking for a clever way to use up that last fiver.  

The Answer: Lush’s Limited Edition Relentless Whale Soap, $4.95.

 Not only is this totally adorable whale soap beautifully scented thanks to ylang ylang and jasmine, 100% of the proceeds from each soap go straight to marine life conservationist group Sea Shepherd. The money donated will help them embark on their 10th Antarctic campaign to save and protect whales which are hunted by Illegal Japanese boats.

If you’re just as passionate about this cause as I am please visit Lush online or in store. I’m sure the receiver of your gift will also be stoked to know that their gift is helping to save such a beautiful and majestic animal.

Scenario 2. Your budget is $25, within this price range you have plenty of options to choose from at your local shopping destination, except you don’t know what to choose. Many trinkets seem too personal – you don’t know the receiver that well, and you don’t want to give her something she’ll hate. 

The Answer: Goldwell Limited Edition StyleSign Packs, $24.95

Because it’s Christmas and Goldwell are feeling ever so generous, they’ve decided to package up not only one of their amazing salon hair care products for you, but they're pairing it with a chic Butter London nail polish. Essentially, you’ll be gifting your Secret Santa with luscious locks and beautifully painted nails. See, no need to buy her an awkward monogrammed Monday to Friday underpants set!

 There are ten different packs to choose from, and all are paired with one of ten popular Butter London nail polish colours (the nail polishes are valued at $22 alone!). Have your pick from options like the amazing Diamond Gloss Spray Shine to the very popular Naturally Full Bodyfying Spray (a personal favourite!). 

To check out the ten packs on offer head into one of Goldwell’s Salons. I’ve provided the link here so you can see which stockist is closest to you! Packs are limited edition so get in quick girlies before they sell out (or I go buy them all!).

I’m content knowing I have both of the above options to pick from this year, I hope this helps you guys as well. Here’s to Secret Santa shopping for 2013!

SS x

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