Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Love List:

Hey guys, February always seems to be a fast paced month for me. It always feels like a thousand events and life changes happen within this short thirty-day time space.

I’ve pondered why this might be, and I’ve put it down to a few key factors. One, I have a lot of Aquarian friends with birthdays in February. Two, it’s the end of the ‘silly season’ so many social events are happening while the weather is still warm.  And thirdly, there’s a shift in social mentality after the new year. I think many people feel rejuvenated, as if they have 'turned a new leaf' and in feeling this way, make huge decisions. On a personal note I started a new job, but this only occurred because the position was opened up to me, by someone else who probably felt like a refreshing change.

And so my Love List this month is filled with lots of new and exciting things. Enjoy!

1.       Baking – I now totally understand why everyone gets so excited about weekends. Let me explain before you think I’m a crazy A-type personality. Before becoming a full-time writer, I freelanced around quiet a lot (as most of my frequent readers would know from me posting articles from different media avenues over the last few years.) With freelance comes flexibility, a lot of free time on my hands, so weekends didn’t exist for me, because every day had a weekend feel. First world problems right? Now though, I savour those two precious days a week to catch up on my current favourite Tv shows, cook, see friends and family and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

I’ve baked macaroons (above), lemon tarts and cupcakes in the last three weekends. No wonder I need a gym membership!

2.       The Bachelor Season 17 (Sean’s Season) – So I’ve risked sounding like a freaky A-type personality above, but now I’m going to attempt to tell you I’m not something even worse: a hopeless romantic. Just because I love the Bachelor doesn’t make me a sucker for everything soppy. I just love the drama! I’ve even got my boyfriend onto this series and he was moved with anger when his favourite girl was eliminated this week. True story.

3.       Sanctuary Day Spa Products – How I love thou. Seriously, these beauty products deliver. I often trial a number of products from different categories at once, so it’s a big deal if I keep heading back to one particular brand. My two faves that I have been using on repeat are Sanctuary Spa’s Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser ($15.00) and their Pore Refining Toner ($13.30). The cleanser comes with its own mini facial cloth which you basically soak in warm/hot water and then drape over your face for a few minutes while standing in the shower. This allows for your pores to open. Now all you have to do is squirt some of the banana scented cleanser on the cloth and message all over the skin. Once you have scrubbed away all dead skin cells and cleaned out congested pores, run your cloth under some chilled water to remove any dirt. Place the cold towel over your face to calm irritation and to re-close your pores. 

 The toner has a floral scent to it, and when misted over the face and neck your skin instantly feels moisturised. I suggest this baby for frequent flyers. 

4.       Soy Milk – I have officially made the switch from skim and I’m surprised that I love the nutty flavour. I decided to swap over after reading that soy milk has far less fat (I need to save some kilojoules for all my baking after all?!) and it lowers cholesterol. I know I’m only young, but I’m thinking ahead. Okay, okay – I guess I’m an A-type personality after all.

5.       Cameo The Label – This Australian label has impressed me of late. I’ve picked up a few of their items from a little boutique and I’ve never received so many compliments. I’ve attached a photo of their graphic print floral dress with angular-cut V-neck. I’ve worn this frock for work meetings with designers, and on a more casual side, to cocktail parties for friend’s birthdays. Cameo The Label is where it's at when looking for wardrobe investment pieces.

What have some of the highlights of your month been?

SS x

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