Friday, May 3, 2013

Burgundy Burberry Beauty -- Lip Velvet in Amber Rose

There's one beauty debate that never ceases to die down - "Is it worth spending hard earned casholla on designer beauty products, opposed to supermarket finds?"

I've always found myself on the fence. I've had many amazing experiences with budget friendly beauty products like lip balms, all over body moisturises, even hair dye! But I've been on struggle street when searching to find a cheaper lipstick that offers the same amount of comfort and longevity as some of the offerings from luxe beauty brands. 

I found that with the cheaper options, the colour didn't last so I was catching myself reapplying ever half an hour almost. I also found that once the colour started to fade, I was left with unsightly blotchiness, or a rim of colour just around my outer lips.

So when I recently tried Burberry's Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipstick I was super impressed.

Not only is this lipstick:

a) Super on trend. I love a deep burgendy tone for A/W. (Interestingly the hue I've been wearing is called Amber Rose, however it's not exactly rosie, it's more a terracotta red.)

b) It's long wear but it didn't leave me with dry sore lips.

c) The branding doesn't lie. It actually feels like velvet. Super smooth.

d) And as you wear it, and the colour does begin to fade, lets say after four hours or so, it fades evenly leaving you with a lip tint that looks super natural.

This is what the colour looks like after three hours. I was rather impressed to say the least!

Check out the Burberry Beauty & Fragrance site here.

What are you favourite luxury lip colour products?

SS x

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