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I spring autumn clean my skin with Neutrogena’s Deep Clean range

A fresh-faced model poses backstage at Jason Wu S/S 2013 (with not a blackhead in sight!)
I love a thorough detox whether it comes in the form of a juice cleanse, bikram yoga, dry skin brushing, sticking to a raw vegetarian diet for a week or just sitting in a sauna for half an hour until I totally deplete my water stores to then top them up again with fresh H20.

My love for the humble spring clean even extends to skin care – an area of my life that I do take very seriously. If you ever catch me dozing off with my makeup still on, it can only ever mean one thing – mid-20’s mental breakdown!

Over the last month I have been foaming up with Neutrogena’s latest products, aptly titled Deep Clean.

Giving your skin a deep clean is a fantastic way to start the day fresh faced, as well as end it by de-clogging your skin of makeup and sebum packed pores. If you don’t properly rid them of the above grim, it’s only natural that you will have breakouts and a nose that resembled a strawberry.

I was sent the below four cleansers and asked to see what I think of them. My general comment would be that they're a fantastic way to refresh the face and allow you the perfect base to apply makeup to come morning.

But when trialling these cleansers I could tell that there were particular ones that would suit everyone’s individual skin needs differently. I’ve played hamster, so read below to see which one would ease into your life best.

1.    Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser ($13.99) – I can only describe this cleanser as being super comfortable. I have quite sensitive skin, but I’d say my skin type is combination because I do have an occasional oily T-zone but my cheeks can be dry due to wind burn, so some cleansers can be too harsh.

This creamy formulation provides a thorough clean and even has the power to easily remove your day’s worth of makeup. Upon leaving the shower I don’t have that tight feeling across my face which usually occurs from overly stripping natural oils. It feels fantastic!

2.    Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser ($13.99) – This cleanser has a distinct fresh minty scent. At first it looks very much like a cream cleanser, but once the formula meets with water and the circular motion of your hands, it foams up quiet nicely.

This face wash contains an oil-control agent. For this reason, I think it’s a nice choice if you’re someone who has oily skin opposed to combination or dry. I also recommend using it in the morning for girls who like to keep a matte complexion during the day. This cleanser is a great starting point before you swipe on your primers and long wear concealers/foundations when making up your face.

3.    Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub ($12.99) – This scrub has the perfect amount of abrasive beads to feel as though I’m getting a thorough scrub without stripping my skin entirely. No one likes the feeling of a cleanser that can be closely compared to taking two handfuls of mint scented sand, scrubbing it all over, then looking in the mirror to see a  face that looks as though it has nappy rash!

This formula however contains beta hydroxy and gentle micro beads (the little blue dots within the cleanser). It dissolves all dirt trapped on top of your skin and buffs your complexion to leave is glowy once you emerge from the shower. I use this cleanser three times a week depending on how much makeup I’ve been wearing during the day. The best bit? No nappy rash side effects!

4.    Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser ($13.99) – This is the only pump bottle in the collection. The bottle contains an orange clear gel cleanser that has a fresh citrusy scent with a touch of mint. This has been my go-to cleanser over the last three weeks. I almost always use two cleansers as I wash my face, it’s the best way to ensure you’ve washed your face expertly.

I’ve been using this one first to help dissolve all makeup, followed by one of the other above face washes. This formulation contains salicylic acid which penetrates deep into the pores, helping to wash away all the yuckies that have built up on the top layer of my skin during the day.

I recommend this wash for anyone who has normal to combination skin and needs a no-fuss cleanser that they can trust will provide them with healthy grease-free skin.

Hope the above helps lovelies. I best be off – time to face the day!

SS x

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