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Seriously, Go Muk Yourself! Muk Spa Hair Repair Range

Hello lovely ladies!

I’ve come to learn that most females have one hairstyle that they are always on a mission to perfect.
For me, it's the effortlessly glossy blow-dry paraded at Isabel Marant’s Spring/Summer 2013 show. Although the style itself is easy-peesy, pulling off tendrils of hair that look radiant, not limp and oily from product overload, is no mean feat! 

Often we get fooled into thinking that pumping loads of serum onto our lengths will give us a miraculous glossy mane to rival Gisele’s waves. The truth is though, as I have learned, it’s not simply what you coat your hair follicle in, it’s what you feed your hair with.

Let me explain. 

Rewind precisely two months ago. I was hightailing it (or my taxi driver was) to Tokonoma Shochu Lounge in Sydney’s Surry Hills for Muk’s media launch of their new Spa Hair Repair range. I knew I was in for a night of champagne, some of the tastiest sushi in Sydney, and to meet hair guru Mark Gariglio, Director or Muk Haircare.

What I nibbled on during the event.
What I wasn’t expecting, though, was to learn so many insider beauty secrets that have helped me keep my shoulder length lob looking fresh and complement-ready!

Here's my spill on the range I’ve been trialling for the last two months – I wanted to give all the products the time they deserved to fully see the benefits – and then I will dish the insider tips and how I've been putting them to good use at the bottom!

Muk Spa - Argan Oil Repair Shampoo - $26.95

The compact pump bottle (so easy to use) is filled with a satiny feeling, woody-fragranced shampoo that once messaged into the scalp, lathers up a dream! I personally love this as I know that any build up of product I’ve been styling my hair with (sea salt sprays, texturizing powders, gritty volumisers and dry shampoo) will be washed out completely leaving me with what feels like virgin hair. I found that I only needed two pumps for my whole head of hair (and I have a lot of it!) so that works out to be really cost effective in the long run.

The formula is made up of Moroccan argan oil and vegetable proteins, basically amazing nutrients for your hair. Because your hair follicle is wet it sucks in all that goodness feeding the strand from inside out. 

Muk Spa - Argan Oil Repair Conditioner - $26.95

The conditioner has the same woody wildflower scent as the shampoo, expect the formula is much creamier. For me, I found the best way to use this product is to concentrate it on the lengths of your hair rather than your scalp region. If I’m skipping the treatment ( see below) and only shampoo and condition, I’ll clip my hair up while I'm in the shower and leave it in for about five minutes while I go about my other grooming. When you wash the conditioner out your hair will feel so silky and far more elasticised – it won’t want to snap. 

Muk Spa - Argan Oil Repair Mask - $26.95

I can’t profess enough how much I love this treatment – it’s better than some in-salon treatments I have had! It smells spicy and exotic, but also very florally. Amazingly even after you have blow-dried your hair, the scent will still linger.

To use, shampoo your hair then get out of the shower and towel dry. This will remove unnecessary water so that when you place your treatment throughout your hair it will absorb. Once you’ve smeared the product in, take a towel and wrap your hair up. Cling wrap works wonders too as it traps the heat on top of your head making the product work harder. 

Leave on for 15 minutes to half an hour, then jump back into the shower and rinse out completely.Your jaw will drop at how smooth and fresh your hair feels.

Muk Spa - Argan Oil Treatment  - $34.95

Okay, so this one is a leave-in argan treatment. Once you emerge from the shower and towel dry your hair take about 20c worth of this serum, heat it in your hands and distribute evenly throughout your lengths avoiding your crown. At first I was worried that I’d wake up looking like an oil slick, but instead my hair was completely clean and soft, I can only describe it as as looking blow waved. Majorly impressed! It’s pretty much my go-to, Holy Grail, leave-in hair product.

Muk Spa - Argan Oil Shine Spray - $34.95

The quality of the ingredients used by Muk and the clever spray nozzle make this shine spray a must-have. When you spritz thin vapor bursts into the air and lands evenly on your hair. I recommend spraying from about 30cm away. Every time I use this product and come to work in the morning someone compliments me on the shininess of my hair and how healthy it looks. And I eat compliments for breakfast, so Muk makes me a happy completely-ego-fed girl.

My hair since using Muk's new Spa Repair range.
Okay, to the new tips and tricks from Mark Gariglio – Director of Muk Haircare!

1.       Take your hair treatment to a whole new, harder-working level, by using it in the sauna. I have a sauna at my gym, so as a really lovely wind down to a hard session I apply the treatment to my hair and allow it to penetrate for 15 minutes. Amaze.

2.       When washing out your hair treatment don’t be mistaken for thinking this is the final step. You should always then condition to seal the deal. Your hair will feel so much silkier, believe me!

3.       Squeaky clean hair does not equate to healthy hair. We’ve all had that feeling before when emerging from the shower – more often or not you will find your hair in knotty clumps. The feel of healthy hair once your finish conditioning, is when your strands still feel plump with product. Not product that’s sitting on top of the surface, but of that that’s been drunk in.

Girlies, have you learnt something new from the tips and tricks? And will you be trying any of the above?

SS x

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