Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clumsy clots rejoice! Here's a super quick beauty trick to make that ugly bruise disappear!

Goofy, clownish, graceless... just like Heidi Klum, above, sporting a huge unattractive bruise, I'm a complete clumsy clot. 

I'm forever walking into the corners of desks, tripping over my own feet as I climb the few stairs to my front door - and I even last week dizzily fell off the stair-master at the gym. The result? A huge purple bruise on the side of my knee the next day. My first thoughts of course were "Are you serious? It's now spring, skirt wearing weather, and I have this unsightly mess on my leg!"

After much complaining (I'm a diva) my gorgeous friend Sharna was like "why don't you just massage some rose hip oil onto it, it'll dissapear."

Okay, so I scoffed! I know it's liquid gold, but seriously - I didn't believe it would make my swollen purple bruise, the size of a tennis ball, go away.

Guess what? It did - after only four days of massaging in a little of Sukin's Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil ($19.95 for 25ml) my leg is back to wannabe Victorias Secret worthiness! Horrah!

This particular rose hip oil contains 80% essential fatty acids to protect cell membranes (or damaged ones!), vitamin E to protect and heal the skin, beta carotene, and lycopene to aid in anti-ageing.

So now I can say that rose hip oil is not only fantastic as a quick and exreamly effective hair treatment, your nightly facial serum, at removing stretch marks and reducing the look of scars, but it's also a superb bruise-erase paste!

So impressed I'm left in awe. Grab your own and stash it in your bathroom vanity asap!

Love bombs and sushine bubbles,

SS x

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