Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sometimes all you need to do is think pink...

I'm not sure if it's just because it's Friday, but I have the happy hue of pink on my mind!

Above is a digital mood board I quickly decoupaged together of some of my favourite pink things. Some I have spoken about before, and others I haven't (which makes for an interesting hot-of-the-press or hot-to-your-computer-screen read!)

Going clockwise from centre:

1. Ilia Lipstick In Pink Kashmir - So creamy you almost want to grab a gelato spoon and dig in, this lipstick literally looks stunning on everyone! This pink shade also applies easily and shows up really natural on the lips, so even if you have a more formal event to attend, and think your neon brights might frighten, this lipstick is a perfect staple for your handbag. It's also contains jojoba oil, aloe leaf juice and grape seed oil (all powerful anti-aging properties!) $24 click to buy

2. Pink Peonies Blog - Okay, so I have a new girl crush (nothing unusual really, I have a pretty extensive list of fashionistas and beauty queens saved for when inspiration is lacking!) Her name is Rach Parcell from the absoultly stunning and self styled blog, Pink Peonies. I LOVE this fushia pink Club Monaco dress. She's accessoried it exactly how I would, with simple heels, wow-worthy sunglasses and a leopard print clutch. For more on Rach, check her out here.

3. Clarisonic Mia 2 (Pink) - One of my greatest loves in life is my clarisonic. We go way back - like to January! Anyways, although this model is pink and super feminine and pretty, the Clarisonic Mia2 works the same despite the colour, it also comes in white, blue, grey and even green.

A lot of my friends, who I've now converted, noticed straight away the changes in my complexion. I never had really bad skin, I'd describe it us uneven and bumpy, as if some of my pores were clogged. As soon as I started using my Clarisonic I did go through the initial purging stage, but now my skin is really healthy and happy. I can even have makeup free days and get complimented on the look of my skin. Learn more about this mega beauty tool here $175.

4. Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Wool Lite - This is one of the most fun top coats I have tried yet! Perfect for a weekend mani update, I'll convert my Monday to Friday nails by swiping on a few coats of this textured top coat. What does it look like? Basically the clear varnish is filled with teeny tiny flecks of light pink confetti. When layered over your base coat it looks like a party on your nails with the finishing result closely compared to velvet! The Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat range also comes with many other awesome colours, but this one got my vote! $9.95.

5. Pantone 17-1733 TCX Calypso Coral -  With a name like Calypso Coral, do you blame me for swooning over this shade? I'd love to have a feature wall in my "future dream house" painted in this Pantone hue. I know that a walk-in-drobe in a must (I have too many shoes, bags and dresses to even know what to do with!) but of late I realised I also need a walk-in-beauty-bar. I think this lipstick-inspired coral will be the winning ticket!

SS x

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Mica T said...

That polish looks great! I've read lots of good things about it :)

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