Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today I took a stroll down Berry’s undisturbed strip of antique and shabby-chic stores that line its famous 100m ribbon in the heart of its town.

For those who haven’t yet been acquainted with Berry, it's a genuine and adorable town that is south of Sydney, only a mere two-hour drive from the CBD or half an hour from Wollongong.

Berry is renowned for its rustic pastoral surroundings but is better known now for its pretty cafes and an array of treasure troves, little stores filled with incense, candles, hand painted crafts and other touristy items to take back home.

Berry can be placed amongst many other similar towns’ clustered in the outer skirts of Sydney such as Katoomba, Milton, Kiama and Tilba-Tilba, all have comparable traits that give off the same hospitable vibe.

Todays spontaneous trip meant that I stumbled upon some really cute buys including the new edition of ‘Habitus Living and Design’ magazine (One of my new favourites), a cream and mauve reptile skin belt, a miniature bottle of ‘Liquid moon’ ( a wonderful woody/earthy smell that lingers for hours) and also two new crystals to add to my collection with both stones claiming to give me a boost in my financial status and re-energise me!

Yay for Berry!

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